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Travel, Tourism & Caravanning after Covid-19

by | 15 Jun 2020

Opinion Piece:

Travel, Tourism and Caravanning after Covid-19

It is no secret that Covid-19 has impacted the travel and tourism industry globally, and South Africa is no different. Not only have travel restrictions been implemented, but all SANParks, most hotels and accommodation around the country have come to a grinding halt. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel? The answer is yes. Keith Teubes, the founder of Gecko Offroad Caravans, elaborates.

Travel and tourism play a huge role in not only our economy but in our lifestyles as South Africans as well. There is no doubt that the lockdown and the various Levels’ travel restrictions have negatively impacted this sector. We are also feeling the pinch, we are open and taking orders, but the travel restrictions have caused a lag. Many people are so focused on the here and now that they are not looking at the future. Everyone is transfixed on the current effects and events to the point where we are not actually allowing ourselves to look past the pandemic and what there is to look forward to.

South Africa is such a beautiful country, and we are so spoilt for choice in terms of landscapes and experiences. From the Magoebaskloof mountains in Limpopo to the beautiful Garden Route, the Kruger National Park, the Karoo and more. From the sea to the mountains to the bush, the opportunity for adventure is on your doorstep and now is the perfect time to plan your next trip.

If you are an avid camper who loves to caravan now is also the perfect time to buy a caravan, with the market being a bit quieter prices are incredibly competitive. You also do not need to be overly concerned with the lead and waiting times, so that by the time travel restrictions are lifted you are ready to caravan and camp. The extra time also allows you to budget for all those necessary extra’s, like a camping fridge, chairs, torches etc.

Something that Covid-19 has taught us is to appreciate the opportunity we have to pack up our Gecko Caravan at the drop of a hat and go camp over a weekend. Owning a caravan allows you to have a home away from home. With a Gecko there is no need to book a chalet and to check the amenities, all you need to do is pack your groceries, fill up the water tank, attach the caravan to your vehicle and you are off.

The off-road and off-grid Gecko caravan also does not stop you from exploring those hard to reach parts of South Africa and abroad. From the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, to the open bush in Botswana, the dry and mountainous landscape of the Karoo the Gecko will get there.  The freedom that comes with travelling to a new part of the country, exploring a new town, braaiing under the stars, and taking in the views and making camping memories is something that we will never again take for granted.

The travel, tourism and caravan industry are going to need ongoing support to recover from the current pandemic, but you can do your bit by supporting local campsites, travelling locally and supporting local small businesses.

With so much happening in the world, we need to have something to look forward to, and for us, this is travelling.

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