The Modular Tent Solution

by | 14 Oct 2019

Everyone who has camped in their life has been there, the caravan is parked and now comes the dreaded tent set up.

With the Gecko Xtreme, the tent setup doesn’t have to be something you dread. It is an easy and simple process. Two people can easily roll out and set up the roof in 3-4 minutes. The materials used are robust and can deal with the harsh African weather conditions.

We also specifically colour code all poles so there is no searching for what poles go where and the tent simply zips open from the side of the caravan. All to make set up that much easier, take a look at how we set it up and take it down here.

We also have some great modular optional extras:

  • Side walls
  • Front walls
  • Verandah extension
  • Verandah extension side walls
  • The front walls can be moved forward to close off the extension

We love the versatility that these options give you, especially over extended stays. We generally spend four weeks in the Western Cape caravanning over December, and our tent set up allows for enough space to entertain family and friends. If you are like us and have the grandkids around who want to camp, it’s easy enough to put their tents under our tent. They love it, and we know that they are safe and secure. Some of our clients have even put a tent on the other side of the caravan and used it as a car port.

So, when looking at the tent options have a think about how you generally camp and decide on an option that best suits your needs.

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