Gecko Xtreme Features

Quality • Luxury • Simplicity

Gecko Offroad Caravans are manufactured with quality, simplicity and luxury in mind, which is evident in every aspect of the caravan and its features.


  • Gecko Offroad uses only the best products available in the manufacturing process – these consist of either locally sourced or imported products. Some of the imported products include the stove, toilets, pumps, taps and British standard marine ply.
  • To guarantee the best possible quality, we manufacture the majority of all components and parts in-house. Ensuring quality, reliability and attention to detail.
  • The major components of a Gecko caravan are the steel chassis which are hot dipped galvanised at a SANS certified facility.
  • British standard marine ply is used on all timer components such as the floor and furniture. This product is specially used because if its impact resistance and durability. Its waterproofing properties ensures that there will be no wood rot, this is guaranteed.
  • Structural Integrity: There are 240 metres of rectangular and square aluminium tubing, 1330 welds as well as glass fibre sides, back, front and roof. As our clients like to say they are “Bulletproof and do not fall apart.”
  • Insulation is a vital element for comfort which is why the sides, back, front and ceiling panels are all double skin glass fibre with 26mm thick insulation keeping the caravan cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Gecko Caravans are built dust proof. We do not use fans or external flaps and vents to pressurise the caravan to keep dust out.
  • Tracking and ground clearance: The Gecko’s wheel track follows in the tow vehicle track. This ensures that the caravan will not create new tracks and will be easier to tow through thick sand. The ground clearance is 500mm.
  • Suspension integrity: The suspension setup is a 2.5-ton axle with an 8-blade spring pack mounted on top of the axle. This ensures that there is no stress on the U bolts. We also use Gabriel Safari gas shocks for their availability and quality.
  • Tow Stability: No stabiliser bars are required. All Gecko caravans are designed to be extremely stable when towing.


  • Each Gecko is fitted with a fixed king-sized bed – because it is a fixed feature all you need to do is make the bed and be on your way.
  • The on-board shower has more than enough space for a comfortable shower, even if you are on the tall size.
  • The separate fixed chemical toilet is perfect for those remote areas where ablution blocks are not available and if you want a bit more privacy.


We have spent many hours focusing on every possible detail to enhance and simplify the camping experience. For us, it’s as easy as “Park – drop the outriggers – pop up the roof- pull out the fully equipped kitchen – fold out camping chairs – start relaxing”. Should you wish to roll out the roof awning, this will add another 3 minutes to your setup time, click here to see how easy it is.

  • The kitchen slides out providing you with access to a two-plate gas stove complete with glass lid, a wash-up area, a drawer with crockery and your fridge/freezer. This is mounted on a 180 kg draw runner.
  • The pantry also has ample space for groceries, pots and a spot for glasses and bottles.
  • The entrance door is fitted with a bag for cutlery and other necessities – so everything has its place.
  • The front load box door opens down. This gives you 100% access and utilisation of the packing space.
  • On the left-hand side is a large slide out drawer mounted on a 90kg drawer runner. This is ideal for bulky items that take up a lot of space, such as braai’s or chairs.

We provide our Gecko owners with a detailed handover of every caravan. This ensures that there is no confusion around how all the components work, from the geyser to the toilet and everything in between.